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DINA – Day in North America 2019

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DINA – Day in North America 2019

Railroads IllustratedRailroads Illustrated Annual’s Day in North America will be Saturday, March 9, 2019. This tradition of documenting a typical day of railroading from coast to coast dates back to 1985 when CTC Board magazine launched “Day in the West.” Plan your day of railfanning with family and friends, and send us your results! You may submit up to three images. The 2019 Railroads Illustrated Annual will feature selected photos from that day with others eligible for use in a future DINA gallery on the magazine website. The deadline for DINA 2019 submissions is Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Future Day in North America Events

We will continue to post updated information on future Day in North America events. Consideration is being given to some new ideas that will enhance this special section, starting with the 2020 issue. We will pass along this information as soon as possible.

Submitting Photographs for DINA

Each photographer may submit up to three photos. We prefer working with digital images uploaded to our FTP site. All digital images should be at a minimum 300 dpi and 3,000 pixels across. Please save these images as a high-quality JPEG or TIFF file.

You may also submit high-quality, original slides that will be scanned and returned. Please note we cannot work with duplicate slides, color prints, color negatives, or any previously scanned images burned to a CD. Also, while we may accept black & white images for other features, we prefer all-color for the DINA section.

Each submission should include the photographer’s name, address, email address, and phone number. Uploaded images or mailed items should include a Word document with caption information keyed to each image.

For FTP upload information, please contact us. Should you have items to mail, please send to:

Railroads Illustrated Annual DINA 2019
c/o Steve Jessup
1465 W. Deer Crest St. C-101
Meridian, ID 83646

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This article was posted on: February 5, 2019