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Day in North America 2018

Day in North America 2018

The next Day in North America (DINA) will be April 7, 2018! Help us document a typical day of railroading from coast to cast, rain or shine. The deadline for DINA 2018 submissions is May 5, 2018.

Submitting Photographs

Railroads Illustrated Annual is produced using computers, and as a result, we prefer to work with digital images for photography. We are seeking bold, creative views that stand out from the rest. All digital images should be at minimum 300dpi and 3000 pixels across (roughly equivalent to a 10×8 image); and saved as either high-quality JPG or TIFF file.  Please contact us for FTP upload information.

We cannot use images made from home consumer scanners, nor can we work with duplicate slides. We prefer that you send original slides and color transparencies for our staff to scan and return to you. We can work with black-and-white prints provided that they are 8×10 or larger. We cannot accept negatives or color prints. Each submitted image must have the photographer’s name and address on the back of all originals.

If you are mailing your submission, please send to:

Railroads Illustrated Annual
c/o Cinthia Priest, Editor

14512 NW 73rd Street
Parkville, MO 54152


This article was posted on: April 3, 2018